We will be opening our patio seating in a limited amount starting Wednesday May 27th, and wanted to touch base on some rules we have to follow given the regulations set forth by the State of Rhode Island & Gina Raimondo.

1. We will be offering seatings in time slots which will be limited per each day. These will be offered below by selecting the time slot & purchasing a table voucher for $25 per person with a minimum of 2 people per reservation, maximum of 5

a. For example: 5:15pm reservation for 3 people would be a $75 voucher towards food & drink ONLY that will be taken off your bill the day of your reservation.

b. You will be able to add any drinks you will like & food during your experience.

c. We will supply all plastic silverware, napkins, salt, pepper, & accoutrements in plastic throw away materials.

d. Reservations are 1 hour & 30 minutes max & we ask you to stay cordial & understand the rules we have been given to follow during this time by the State of Rhode Island.

2. When you arrive at Rogue please arrive 10 minutes (Remain In Car) prior to your reservation so we can sit you on time. When you arrive please call us at 401-831-3733.

We will meet you at the patio and show you to your table, and begin to prepare your food fresh to order.

3. Bathrooms will be available for guests ONE at a time. Please let your server know and they will let you know when it is open. (No lines).

4. With patio seating now open we will be moving our take out pick up to the Weybosset Street entrance of the Arcade loading zone. Look for the A frame signs on the steps of the Arcade Mall entrance.

a. When you arrive please call 401-831-3733 to let us know you have arrived and we can either.

i. Meet you at the entrance door. Please refrain from coming inside.

ii. Call and get curbside pick up. We will bring it right to your car or put it in your backseat.

5. We will continue to offer DoorDash for the time being, and make changes as new state regulations are set forth.